Born out of the belief that more needed to be done, urgently, to protect the North Atlantic Right Whale from extinction, the Canadian Whale Institute has been pursuing this objective since 1997.

Our Vision is the sustainable co-existence of whales and humans.

Our Mission is to conduct and support activities to better understand and protect marine mammals and to promote awareness and responsibility for their habitats.

To achieve this we:

  • Collaborate with marine industries to mutually develop solutions that mitigate the effects of their activities on marine mammals, with a focus on the North Atlantic right whale.
  • Conduct scientific Research, share knowledge, and design evidence-based solutions.
  • Provide educational programs and resources, on marine mammals and their environment, for the public, marine industries and government policy makers.
  • Rescue marine mammals that are entangled and entrapped in fishing gear.

We believe in cooperation and shared development of solutions that allow for the sustainable coexistence of the fishing and shipping industries and the marine mammals and other sea life that inhabit the ocean. 

For more information about our whale rescue work, please download our Campobello Whale Rescue Team  pamphlet and poster

Pour de plus amples informations concernant la Campobello Whale Rescue Team, veuillez consulter notre affiche et notre brochure.

Canadian Whale Institute is a Registered Charity with the Canada Revenue Agency

The North Atlantic Right Whales will soon begin to head up the east coast to their summer grounds! Check out their current locations at WhaleMap.