Marine Mammal Summer Camp

The Marine Mammal Summer Camp is a 10-day overnight camp for campers ages 14 – 17 that is hosted by the Faculty of Science at Saint Mary's University, Halifax and the Canadian Whale Institute. During this camp, campers are introduced to the exciting world of marine mammal conservation and research.

We are so excited to announce our 2023 camp dates. In 2023, the dates for camp are July 29 - August 7. For information on upcoming camps and to obtain an application form through Saint Mary’s University, please check here.

Camp begins at Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where campers work together to explore the biology and evolution of marine mammals using surveys, photo-identification, acoustic monitoring, DNA analysis, examination of marine mammal skeletons, and more!

A few days into camp, they travel to Campobello Island in New Brunswick, and participate in the daily operations of scientific fieldwork and field-camp life. There we'll meet with marine mammal scientists and local fishermen, and conduct ocean-based and on-shore surveys for marine mammals.

We are proud to have co-hosted this camp with Saint Mary's University since 2013. Each year, a new and excited cohort of youths joins us on an unforgettable 10-day experience.